Open the Book Training

Open the Book began in 1999 and now regularly reaches over half a million children with classic Bible stories during Collective Worship (often referred to as assemblies). Open the Book teams are made up of members of the local church or from several churches working in partnership who go into primary schools to deliver a 10 minute Bible story assembly. Some Birmingham schools are asking for Open the Book and more volunteers are needed to meet the demand. Birmingham City Mission is facilitating an urban pilot scheme, whereby Open the
Book are making subtle changes to their original programme in order to meet the needs of schools in urban areas where school communities are drawn from a variety of faith backgrounds. A series of training opportunities are being made available. The sessions are open to anyone interested in sharing Bible stories with children in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

‘Taster’ sessions last 2 hours and provide information about Open the Book. No prior knowledge of Open the Book is necessary. A variety of times and dates are offered for the Autumn term:
• Thurs 14th September 10am – 12 noon
• Thurs 14th September 1pm – 3pm
• Thurs 14th September 7pm – 9pm
• Thurs 19th October 10am – 12 noon
• Thurs 19th October 1pm – 3pm
• Thurs 19th October 7pm – 9pm

Initial training sessions are from 9.15am to 3.15pm (with a 30 minute lunch break). Whilst prior attendance of a taster session can be useful, it is not essential. Completion of this training is sufficient for an individual to register as an Open the Book story teller. A variety of times and dates are offered for the Autumn term:
• Weds 4th October 9.15-3.15pm
• Thurs 16th November 9.15-3.15pm

All courses take place at BCM HQ, 2 Langdon Street, Birmingham B9 4BP
Courses may be cancelled if insufficient people reserve places, so please book early.
To reserve your place email: [email protected] stating your name, the church you attend, and (if appropriate) the organisation you represent. It would be helpful of you would say a little about what involvement you have with children or outreach at present. Please also name any schools you have in mind where you would like to introduce Open the Book. Confirmation of your booking and directions will be sent to you.
If you have any queries, please telephone the BCM children’s team on 0121 766 6603 (option 3).
Reg Charity No. 1051023

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