Celebrating Unity in Mission

March 14th, 2018

Could you invite at least six people from your worshipping community to complete our newly launched survey on Christian unity?

This is the charge from the Presidents of Birmingham Churches Together and other senior Church Leaders in a letter.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here is the letter in full:

“One of the joys of living in our diverse city region is the opportunity to share in God’s mission with partners from different Christian traditions. Taking time to build fellowship between traditions can be challenging, yet greatly enriching.

For several decades, local Churches Together groups across our region have provided a framework for local Christians to come together and develop local initiatives. However, as our Christian community has become increasingly diverse new worshipping communities have been established without knowledge of the Churches Together movement. Alongside this we see the trend towards informal relationships supported by electronic communication. Each brings both challenges and opportunities; what is clear is that patterns of relating between our traditions are changing.

To better understand these patterns of change and how they are impacting local Churches Together groups, I invite you to share your experience and insights through a short survey organised with partner Churches of Birmingham Churches Together. What is working well? What can we do better? What new partnerships are emerging as you seek to share the Gospel in your neighbourhood?

The survey is not just for church leaders, or those involved in a local Churches Together group, it is open for all to complete.

The information you give will inform how we understand Christian unity in Birmingham and Solihull, and the shape of our mission and ministry in the future.

To get the broadest picture we hope at least six people from each worshipping community will complete it. Please take a few minutes to add your voice and encourage others in your congregation to do so too.”

Signed by:
Rt. Revd. David Urquhart, Anglican Bishop of Birmingham
Most Reverend Bernard Longley, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham,
Revd Ian Howarth, Free Churches Moderator and Chair of the Methodist District of Birmingham
Revd Steve Faber, Moderator of the West Midlands URC Synod
Revd David Ellis and Revd Neil Le Tissier, Regional Ministers, Heart of England Baptist Association
Major Peter Forrest, Divisional Leader, Salvation Army West Midlands Division
Hilary Johnson, Religious Society of Friends
Revd Dan Yarnell, National Coordinator, Fellowship of Churches of Christ

Click here to complete the survey.

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