Manresa Link Basic Training Course for Prayer Guides

February 13th, 2017

Manresa Link Basic Training Course for Prayer Guides

In response to growing demand, the Manresa Link training course for Prayer Guides (in the field of Ignatian based Individually Guided Retreats in Daily Life)  is moving from every two years to annually. The next one will commence in the autumn of 2017. The course consists of 8 Saturday mornings, two residential weekends (where trainees alternate between making a guided retreat and using their learned skills to guide someone through a weekend retreat) and then a final Saturday morning.

If you are interested in pursuing this ministry, please email [email protected] to express interest, and someone will get back to you.

A pre-requisite for attendance on the course is that you must have attended an Ignatian Individually Guided Retreat, either residential or in Daily Life. If need be, such a retreat in Daily Life can be arranged for you.


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