New Campaign: Permission to Smile!

March 14th, 2018

Martin at Permission to Smile writes:

Would you be able to display this banner where it will be widely seen?  The Permission to Smile campaign is producing lots of these (2m x 0.8m, with eyelets and cable ties – sent out for free!), but is looking for many more organisations keen to display them, from the campaign launch on 12th May.  This will build on the success of the Love Your Neighbour campaign.

Hasn’t it come to seem ‘inappropriate’ to greet or even smile at a local person whom you don’t know?  This leads to an unfriendly and unsupportive atmosphere.  It makes it virtually impossible for isolated people to break out of their isolation.  A ‘keep yourself to yourself’ culture saps the support that should be received by all voluntary endeavours – including churches.  And it inhibits people coming together to do things for the wider community, such as get together to start a youth club, young mums’ group or organise support for the elderly – since little can happen if people don’t even smile and greet!

Many Birmingham organisations are supporting this campaign and it would be great if you could support it too, especially by hosting a banner (please email [email protected]) and also by supporting the message through social networking (see for links).

It will take a concerted communication effort to shift our increasingly introverted culture and encourage more friendliness, openness and cooperation throughout Birmingham.  Could you help make it happen?


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