Pray for DR Congo and S Sudan

February 19th, 2018

Senior Anglican Church leaders have echoed the Pope’s call for a day of Prayer and Fasting on Fri 23rd Feb, with particular focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. For more information see the article on the ACNS website.

In DRC an upsurge in militia activity, clashes and insecurity in different areas in recent days and weeks has displaced thousands of people and sent many across the borders into Uganda and Burundi.  Bunia, in Boga Diocese, has seen a huge influx of people from Djugu territory (between Bunia and Aru) where clashes took place.

Christians in Birmingham are invited to pray on Friday for:

  • community, church and Government officials in the DRC as they work for peaceful solutions, remembering particularly Bishop William of Boga, Bishop Ande of Aru and Rev Bisoke, National Youth Coordinator;
  • effective help from churches and NGOs to the displaced and refugees;
  • ongoing preparations for elections due to be held on 23rd December 2018

In Kasai there remain huge numbers of internally displaced people across the region, with insufficient access to food: pray for Bishop Kapinga and his clergy as they seek to minister in these very challenging circumstances, and pray for provision of basic needs, food, health care and shelter, for the population and peace enabling them to return home.


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