Thrive Together: Introducing Birmingham Forward Steps and new Development Worker Cate Bennett

August 24th, 2018

Do you run a Stay and Play group at your church?

Does someone else run a Stay and Play group at your church? Would your church be interested in developing activities for families with pre-school children in your local community?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Cate Bennett at Thrive Together Birmingham would like to hear from you.

Birmingham Forward Steps is a new health and wellbeing initiative bringing a range of partners together to support under 5’s and their families in their neighbourhoods across Birmingham. The aim is:

“To give every child in Birmingham an equal chance to have the best start in life so they can achieve their full potential”. 

A New Network

Birmingham Forward Steps have recognised that it is often faith communities, particularly churches, who run Stay and Play groups around the city and that these are not always well known or supported. They have approached Thrive Together Birmingham (Thrive) to help them map Stay and Play groups and then help them to form a new network. Thrive will be supported in this work by Pre-School Learning Alliance who are mapping community based provision.

Thrive knows that there are lots of great examples of churches and Christian organisations who are motivated by their faith to run or host activities across Birmingham that provide space for children and their families to connect, play and make friends, we do not know where they all are.

 A New Development Worker

Therefore Thrive have recently appointed  Cate Bennett as Development Worker for Faith Communities and Early Years. Cate’s role is to spend the next 12 months discovering, visiting, listening, learning from and mapping Stay and Play groups run or hosted by churches and Christian organisations in neighbourhoods across the city.  She is also keen to meet with people who want to set up new Stay and Plays or other Early Years activities.

Please get in touch with Cate at [email protected] or on 07741 891707.

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