TLG, one hour a week with one child for one year

July 8th, 2015 TLG, one hour a week with one child for one year

TLG The Education Charity’s mission is to help churches bring a hope and a future through education for children & families.

We partner with the local church to support children at a crisis point in their education.

As a charity we strongly value the role churches can play in reaching out to those needing support in their community. It is through partnership with local churches that we set up Early Intervention and Education Centres, and train church volunteers to support children, young people and families.
TLG Early Intervention helps local churches work in primary and secondary schools amongst children at risk of exclusion.

TLG The project trains volunteer coaches to spend one hour a week with one child for one year. Over 70% of children show improvement in behaviour. The lasting relationship with children and families allow the impact to be even greater. “TLG have given us the opportunity to do something that we wouldn’t think of doing or be able to do on our own. They’ve given us a package we’ve bought into and they’ve given training to those who wanted to volunteer.” (Rev. Rob Hilton, Christchurch)

A story of transformation from a TLG Education Centre

This is the story of Joseph, 14.

Joseph grew up without a dad from the age of 3. By the time Joseph was 12, he had been moved around 8 different schools. His behaviour was erratic and he believed that anyone being nice to him had a hidden agenda.

Over the past year, through TLG’s partner church ‘The Rock’, one individual has had a huge impact on his life. Nathan has worked with Joseph and become an important figure in his life. Joseph calms down and listens to him, responding to his guidance. It’s clear his bond with Nathan is giving him an experience he has missed out on since the age of 3.

There is a big difference now in how Joseph relates to others. Nathan takes him out for haircuts and to play football. Joseph is really involved in church youth activities, which have helped him learn how to do ‘friendship’. His whole approach to learning and relationships has changed.

Nathan says: “Being a Dad myself has really influenced how I work with Joseph. He responds to me and other positive males too. Here and in church is the only place he gets that kind of support in his life.”

We regularly host Church Partnership Forums in Birmingham where we present to churches and their leaders. We’d love to welcome you along. If you are interested in hearing more please email: [email protected] or call us on 01274 900387.

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