February 13th, 2017

Think back to last Easter. Remember those buses you kept seeing with “trypraying” plastered across the side and the rear?  Well; they are returning.

If you’re not familiar with the trypraying project, you might want to have a look at: the animated video at

It’s for those that don’t do church, are not religious but might just be interested in praying for seven days and seeing what happens.  The booklet or the app take people on a seven day journey from praying to see if God is out there to the possibility of having a relationship with him.

It’s really simple to get involved:  Put a banner outside your church, order a stack of booklets and encourage your members to pray for one opportunity to give the booklet to a friend.  With all the bus advertising around, the chances are they will already have heard about it.

Want to find out more?  Do get in contact with Andy by email: [email protected] or Paul by email [email protected]  To donate:

A link to a flier with more information can be found on our news pages:

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