Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham (with some events being held in Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Coventry and Warwick) from Thursday 28 July to Monday 8 August 2022. Preparations for the Games have been going on for several years - and have continued through the Covid-19 related disruptions of the last year.

Alongside those working on accommodation, transport, venues and security, a group of midlands Christian leaders has been meeting for the last 18 months to collaborate concerning Christian input into the international gathering. The group, which is co-chaired by Bishops Mike Royal (Apostolic Pastoral Congress) and David Urquhart (The Church of England's Birmingham Diocese), represents Churches, networks and areas of expertise from around the midlands - and further afield.

The Commonwealth Games Churches' Planning Group is working through subcommittees to address the following issues:

+ Chaplaincy (including Athletes Village Chaplaincy, Games Chaplaincy and Mission Sports Chaplaincy)

+ Church Engagement and Legacy (looking for a legacy of greater inter-Church communication and cooperation around the Commonwealth Games - and beyond)

+ Wellbeing and health (including mental health)

+ Young people and apprenticeships

+ Human trafficking (supporting the police as they tackle the rise in human trafficking which follows major sports competitions around the world)

+ Windrush (addressing issues of racial inequality and injustice)

For more information, contact Robert at THIS ADDRESS.