Stopping the blocking of climate disaster finance

7.00pm Thursday January 23rd

Holy Trinity Church Centre, Birchfield

Refreshments, bring and share food from 6.15pm. Finishes by 9pm.

Without finance to help countries cope with climate-induced loss and damage, the most vulnerable parts of the world will sink deeper into debt and poverty every time they are hit by climate disasters they did not cause.

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Speakers: Canon Eve Pitts the Vicar, and Tim Jones of Jubilee Debt Campaign

Climate disasters are now occurring about one per week. Island communities such as those in the Caribbean are particularly badly affected and hitherto the world’s response has largely been to load these already indebted countries with more unjust and unpayable debt. Needless to say there are strong protests from governments, churches and citizens’ groups there but these are so often unheeded. Come to learn more and support the world-wide movement for justice.
(There will also be a brief Annual General Meeting of Jubilee Debt Campaign Birmingham.)

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