Women Looking in the Mirror @ Their Significant Relationships

11.00am – 5.30pm Saturday 30th May 2020

Great Barr Hotel, Birmingham

A unique conference open to all women.

Share your views with Pauline Anderson and others in a relaxed setting as we discuss the importance of our relationships with the significant others in our lives, starting with ourselves!

Relationships when they work well (and not so well- Why?)

Will Help significant relationships to be enriched and or restored! Practical steps and tips to develop quality relationships!

Will also include a panel of counsellors and practitioners to answer your queries.

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Closing date for booking is 30th April 2020
£35.00 per person (£30 for 13-16 yr olds. £27.50 for 65 yrs+)

Contact us:
07951 125 908

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