Council of Christians and Jews Anniversary Concert

4-6pm, Sunday 17th June 2018

Bournville Meeting House, 65 Linden Road, B30 1JT

The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) is the leading nationwide forum for Christian-Jewish engagement.  This concert, featuring Kol Kinor and Bournville Voices, is part of a programme which aims to celebrating the history and diversity of both communities, facilitate constructive dialogue, enable meaningful learning experiences and provide opportunities for transformative change.

‘Kol Kinor’ sing a wide range of Jewish Music from both the synagogue and folk music traditions, always aiming to sing in the original language of the song, usually in Hebrew, Yiddish or Ladino.

Bournville Voices is a semi-professional, mixed voice a cappella chamber choir, singing a wide range of music from classical and ancient works to choral versions of contemporary songs.

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