Daily Life in Palestine & Israel – Aspects of Christian Palestinian Experience

Some say “In five years there will be no Christians in Palestine”  Is the Israeli occupation a threat or a protection?

You are invited to meet  Howard Stern and Christy on Monday October 15th 2012  3.15pm-5pm at The Hazelwell Hub, 318 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7NH (some on site parking available and on the surrounding roads).

Howard, a professional Christian commercial and private mediator, knows how important it is to understand both sides of a conflict.  He has a strong interest in the Arab /Israeli dispute which he describes as the longest most entrenched multi party conflict in human history.  Howard has travelled to the West Bank regularly to understand better the positions of both Arab and Jew, to research core issues and assess the political / religious state of play.

Christy is a Palestinian Christian who grew up in the West Bank. As a child she experienced her home being occupied by Israeli soldiers during the last intifada, before going on to study law, and has since witnessed worrying trends in the territory.

Howard and Christy met whilst he was researching in the West Bank. He discovered that she, like many of her generation, is beginning to question the viability of the Palestinian Authority and orthodox religious regimes under which they live.  Howard and Christy are founders of The Emmaus Group which seeks to reconcile Christian and Jew whilst educating and encouraging those persecuted in Islamic states.  Christy needs her identity protecting as speaking publicly in this way does carries a risk, so no photography will be allowed under any circumstances.

It would be appreciated if you could confirm your attendance – iicmids@talktalk.net

The Israel Information Centre Midlands is committed to enabling a greater understanding of the situation that exists between Israel and the Palestinians and to helping achieve peaceful co-existence and co-operation in the region.

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