Dalit Theology Day Conference

Dalit Solidarity & the Churches’ Dalit Support Group present “Doing Theology in a Strange Land: insights from Dalit Theology into Caste Discrimination in India and Britain”

Friday April 27th, 10.30 – 4 pm

Queens Foundation, Somerset Road, Birmingham B15 2QH

Cost £15

Speakers: Revd Dr Vincent Manoharan, Revd Dr Israel Selvanayagam

Chair: Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal

Caste is an issue which affects a large minority of the world’s poorest people, in India, the other countries of South Asia and among the diaspora, including in the UK. Many Dalits are Christians, and Christians make up by far the majority of the more than thirty million Christians in India. Dalit Theology is arguably the newest form of Liberation Theology, while developing in a context where Christians are in a minority. This event is an opportunity to gain inspiration, learn more and consider how best to respond.

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