“Extinction Rebellion” Ecological Workshop

7pm, Tuesday 24th September 2018

Carrs Lane Church, Birmingham, B4 7SX

Fr Martin Newell from The Passionists writes:

“Climate Change: Think things are bad? They are almost certainly worse. Think there is nothing we can do? There is!”

“Can we stop the destruction of our climate?  In this public talk, members from the Extinction Rebellion share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discuss the some of the current psychology around climate change and offer solutions through the study of social movements.

“This is an emergency.

“The deadly heatwave that gripped the world over the summer is only a glimpse at what is to come if we do not properly address the crisis. The government and environmental NGOs have failed to properly address the crisis. We need a mass movement that it prepared to accept what is happening and act accordingly. We need change. We need to rebel.”

To find out more see the Extinction Rebellion website or find out more about The Passionists.

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