Introduction to Christian Meditation with ChaplaincyPlus

1-2pm, Monday 4th February 2018

ChaplaincyPlus office, One Colmore Row, B3 2BJ (just outside Snow Hill Station)

If you’ve got a genuine longing for engaging with the depth dimension of Christianity and of life this year, and you’re up for trying something new, why not book in to a free lunchtime introduction to meditation in the Christian tradition, “Seeing Clearly – Acting with Compassion”.

Chris Whittington will be leading the group in exploring an ancient contemplative practice that is at the heart of Christianity – a practice that can change a person and change the world, but which for the majority of Christians remains undiscovered.  Many people have no idea that Christianity has its own vibrant contemplative tradition.

Chris Whittington was introduced to meditation in the Christian tradition at 19 when living at the Benedictine Monastery of Prinknash Abbey, he spent a period as COO of WCCM, the World Community for Christian Meditation, and he regularly gives talks and leads retreats across the UK.  He is also a Partner and Head of Education Law at Anthony Collins Solicitors. Chris says:

“Meditation is not the preserve of specialists. I know children of five, business leaders and Members of the House of Lords who use the same simple practice. The wisdom and healing processes of meditation are available to everyone because the fundamental workings of the human mind are the same for all of us. It’s profoundly egalitarian. Even lawyers can do it!”

This event will be accessible to Christians of all denominations and to people of all faiths and none.

There will be no charge for the event and people are invited to bring their own lunch.

Please do book your place now on the ChaplaincyPlus website. All are welcome!

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