Lent Breakfasts in Balsall and Berkswell

8.30-10am, Saturdays 9th March – 6th April

Methodist Church Hall, Station Rd, Balsall Common, CV7 7EE

The Breakfasts are a series of Talks and Discussions that have been developed jointly by the six churches in Churches Together in Balsall and Berkswell.  They are held in the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday mornings of Lent.  The first of the Breakfasts will be held on Saturday 9 March 2019.

The Breakfasts have established themselves in the village as a lively intelligent forum.  Themes are taken for which straightforward answers are not available.  The intention is to encourage people to think through the difficulties and so to strengthen a religious faith in their ordinary daily life.  They are enjoyed equally by people who attend one of the churches, as well as by many others who are not church members.

This year’s theme is “Big Questions”:

  • Saturday 9th March – Do we have a ‘soul’? (Speaker: Dr Sue Chetwynd )
  • Saturday 16th March – Should we build intelligent machines? (Speaker: Revd Dr Mark Bratton)
  • Saturday 23rd March – Where does morality come from? (Speaker: Dr Steve Wigmore)
  • Saturday 30th March – Why do bad things happen to good people? (Speaker: Stig Graham)
  • Saturday 6th April – Has science ‘disproved’ religion? (Speaker: Revd Alan Bayes)

To find out more download the leaflet. For information about Churches Together events please contact Hon Sec Claire Laland on clmap18@gmail.com.

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