Paul Scanlon: Servant Leadership Seminar

10am – 1pm, Saturday 22nd September 2018 (Rescheduled from April)

Clayton Hotel,  Albert Street, Birmingham, B55JE

“Servant leadership is an idea whose time has come. We have given leadership to people who are not servants and we have suffered the consequences of that globally in all spheres of life.  The Arab spring of 2011, Brexit and Donald Trump are all recent examples of a massive grass roots backlash against out of touch leaders who have stopped serving and listening to the very people who elected them.

 “We feel lead but not served and we want and deserve both from our leaders. A new leadership revolution is dawning and at its core is servanthood. When leaders serve it firstly produces more servants not more leaders and from that servant culture the greatest leaders of the future will emerge.

“This is a half day training event that will help you and your team grow.”

Tickets for this 3 hour seminar are only £15 for the early bird price. Find out more at Paul Scanlon’s website and book here at Eventzilla.

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