A Manifesto for Reducing Knife Crime

April 11th, 2019

A Church group has published a ten point action plan to reduce knife crime and support young people.

The National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF), a voice representing black Christians in the UK, has taken the lead on producing a manifesto which includes recommendations for churches, the police and the Government.

The plan builds on recommendations from the Churches Together England report “Who is my neighbour – a church response to social disorder linked to gangs, drugs, guns and knives” by Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, Dr Sophie Hebden, Dr Keith Hebden, which made made a number of practical recommendations to tackle knife crime and provide opportunities for young people.

Recommendations for the Church include educating members to raise the awareness of young people’s needs, focusing youth work on developing you people’s skills and confidence, hosting events to promote peace and integration and giving young people responsibility and leadership roles within church.

To read the manifesto in full see the NCLF website.

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