A Room Soaked in Prayer

January 22nd, 2019

One of the most exciting things about 24:7 prayer rooms is how the physical space changes over time. To begin with it’s a blank canvas, but over time it begins to fill up as each person or group’s prayers leave their residue.

Some scribbled post-it notes here, a linked paper chain there, a world jigsaw puzzle beginning to take shape in the corner. And as time draws on each hour builds on the prayers of those who went before, physical reminders of the meeting points there have been between earth and heaven.

So it was with The Church and Carrs Lane on Friday and Saturday last week. Each church or group which led an hour left their mark, from St Chad’s Primary School reflecting on forgiveness who handed over to Anthony Collins Solicitors praying for the 42,000 businesses located in the city; the buzz of the refugees who joined Restore’s hour to the stillness of Taizé prayer. By the end of the event the room was full, not just of people but of the visible memories of their prayers.

Some of our church buildings have been prayed-in for centuries, some are brand new or temporary spaces, but each hold their own memories of the prayers that have been prayed there. Some of those churches were represented at Carrs Lane last week, and many more are uniting in their own districts and in their own ways as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity continues.

Praise be to God that the doors of heaven are never closed, for the rich and varied ways in which we are able to seek him.

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