Breaking Ground: Riding Lights’ Kaleidoscope Tour is Open for Booking, Autumn 2019

July 2nd, 2019

Riding Lights Theatre are delighted to be booking now for their Autumn Tour 2019 Kaleidoscope, featuring their brand new show for 2019 – Breaking Ground.

“We’d love to share this flexible and dynamic tour, designed to fit in with the unique landscape of each community it visits, with your association. We’d be so grateful, if you would consider sharing this fantastic opportunity with your churches, or consider it together as a Churches Together group.”

“We’ll be working closely with each church, or organisation, to plan a variety of events in their community – whether you’re just after a one night performance in your church of the show Breaking Ground, or longer residencies working in the wider community. We offer workshops for schools and youth groups, a fantastic prisons programme, and can adapt to places you’d love to see injected with colourful and sharp performances and workshops this autumn. Kaleidoscope is also available to join in with planned events such as outreach weeks, conferences and festivals.”

For more details see the Riding Lights website and download the flyer.

Could your church or group do with a night, few days, or week of theatrical delight from Riding Lights? To find out more or book, contact Louise on, or phone the office on 01904 655317.

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