Brum Passion Play to Return in 2020? Opportunities for Partner Churches

June 18th, 2019

Rachael Orrell, Chief Executive of The Saltmine Trust, offers some reflections on the legacy of Birmingham Passion Play 2019, and the opportunity for churches to partner its return next year

One of the aims of The Birmingham Passion Play was for it to be a creative missional resource for the churches, praying that people would see the play and connect with a local church as a result. We have heard of many stories of new people engaging with the Birmingham churches.  Some have renewed their faith, some finding faith for the first time and many signing up for Alpha.  God was undoubtedly with us and amongst the 160+ diverse team all working together to tell His story.

For a reminder of the event, see the highlights video.

One of my testimonies was when the Passion Play was processing up New Street on the first day declaring – God on the Streets, God on the Streets, The Liberator is Here, The Liberator is Here, Jesus, Jesus – with drum beats and whistles – I saw and sensed the Spirit of the Lord coming down like a cloud journeying with the procession and dominating the atmosphere with His presence and light.

We were amazed that people travelled with us through the five scenes and waited for the second performance of the resurrection on Wednesday and Thursday.  We had approximately 2500+ in the audience over the 3 days.  The success of the Passion Play was truly a result of God’s presence and glory in the midst of His people, Amen, Amen!

We sense that this was just the beginning and we have learned a lot through the process.  We believe God wants us to keep the door open for a future Birmingham Passion Play but to seek a stronger partnership and missional outreach opportunity for the Birmingham churches to join together with Saltmine.

There is interest in a 2020 Birmingham Passion Play, so as part of the seeking God and exploration process we are wanting to recruit 100 churches to commit to £500 sponsorship.  At this stage we just need an expression of interest and written commitment which we need by the end of August 2019. We would need the £500 in the autumn prior to a Passion Play at Easter 2020.

To find out more email Rachael on or call 01384 454800.

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