Christians at the Heart of anti-Knife Crime Walk and Vigil

June 6th, 2019

They came from all points across the city, a 300-strong army of young people united in grief and hope for a future free of knife crime.

In the shadow of the symbolic Knife Angel they gathered, first in joyful song and chants, then in silent reflection to remember the too-short life of 18 year old Jordan Moazami.

The organiser of the march, Steve Hirst, who was a friend and mentor of Jordan, is the coordinator of a new Christian youth network called Safe Spaces for Young People, which is supported by Thrive Together Birmingham and Worth Unlimited.

Steve addressed the crowd at the Knife Angel:

 “Jordan’s death was devastating. But the whole estate has come together to support the family. We are all in shock really, but instead of it dividing us we have pulled together. The walk to the Knife Angel was part of that. It has shown the beauty and unity of the people living here.”

Read the full article on the Birmingham Mail website.

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