Create Talk

July 11th, 2018

Westhill has a collection of paintings and sculptures available for loan. The works encourage conversation and reflection on important themes such as loss, purpose and peace. Over the years they have been displayed in churches, schools, hospices, retreat centres and conferences – wherever they will change the mood and look of your usual space and create a space to pause and ponder.

Westhill don’t usually charge for use of the exhibits – apart from insurance costs – and they can help with all the arrangements.

Interested? There is more information and pictures of the art works on their website.

Westhill’s vision is to see communities thriving and individual lives fulfilled and believe that, by working together in a wide Christian context, we can make things happen.  They provide financial investment and other resources to support religious education projects and faith-motivated activities that enable people to transform their lives and the life of their communities.

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