Disability Resource Centre in Kitts Green is 25

April 11th, 2019

Providing a range of services for disabled people and those with long term health conditions, their families and carers, the Disability Resource Centre in Kitts Green is a vital resource for the region.

Here Sarah Jones, their newly appointed Activities and Engagement Officer, explains more about what they’ve been doing for the last 25 years and how your church might benefit.

“We offer one to one information, advice and advocacy on issues including, personal safety, discrimination, housing, finance, welfare benefit entitlements etc.  We run in-house and outreach workshops and courses on energy on a variety of themes.

“A lovely course, entitled Safe and Sound is an 8 week,  2 hour sessions, where people with disabilities, seen and unseen, isolation and vulnerability issues, come together to learn about how to find strategies to deal with hate crime, mental wellbeing, personal safety, internet safety and understanding safe relationships etc.  This often results in a fellowship between learners and a continued support network emerges. I have attached a sample leaflet of a couple of our courses for demonstration.

“The Centre itself runs courses for fitness, IT skills, positive pathways to employment, coffee mornings alongside walk/push in the local park.  The support is endlessly evolving around the changing issues which people with disabilities have to face each day.  I have only been with the Centre for a little while and am in awe of their work, and I am now enthusiastically working towards promoting their services which are all fully funded.”

Sarah would be pleased to speak to churches about how the DRC might work with them to help people with disabilities and needs live independent lives and participate in community life. To find out more email sjones@disability.co.uk, call 03030 40 20 40 or visit their website www.disability.co.uk.

For a sample of what they do, download their Energy Advice poster and their Safe & Sound workshops flyer.

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