Have you considered studying Black theology at postgraduate level? 

June 18th, 2019

Queen’s Foundation is offering a Taster Course that could lead to a MA degree in Theology and Transformative Practice. It is a part time programme for church leaders, laity, and graduates, with all classes held on Saturdays

  • Lectures with Professor Robert Beckford, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie, and guest lecturers
  • Programme designed to focus on Black theological themes and concepts for church and community
  • Successful completion of the Taster course qualifies as accreditation for the first of 4 modules on the PG diploma and MA programme
  • Recruiting now for the next course starting in January 2020 (until and June 2020) and spaces are filling up
  • A small fee applies

To find out more download the flyer, and contact Director of the Centre for Black Theology at Queen’s, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie at d.mckenzie@queens.ac.uk  or on 0121 454 1527. For an application form email admissions@queens.ac.uk.

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