Help Melt the Ice in Your Community

July 19th, 2018

The Permission to Smile campaign (have you seen the banners all around Birmingham?) is about smiling and greeting – but also more than that.  It’s about getting together at the local level to do things with and for the community; something like starting a get-together for older people, a young mums’ group, starting a street association.

But, while these things are needed (and can be a delight), few want to try and get things going on their own.  So how to find others who’d like to get together and do something as a group?

Take a look at and go to Meeting Point on the home page.

If you enter your details there, the Birmingham Google Maps window focuses the map on your post code and puts a pin (roughly) where you live, showing you a quarter-mile radius.  If you see any other pins there, you can click on them and start a chat group!

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