Journey of the Magi – ‘A Festive, Witty and Thoroughly Christmassy Event for your Church’

May 31st, 2018

Springs is a processional dance company which has for 35 years been delivering work that is richly expressive of the Christian faith and values. This year they are inviting churches to host a performance of Journey of the Magi, which will be available nationally from 24th November to 23rd December 2018:

“Share the joy and wonder of Christmas with your church and local community through this exhilarating, critically acclaimed performance. With sparkle and songs to keep the children engrossed and bags of good humour for the grown-ups, Journey of the Magi delights audiences of all ages. The show offers a bridge between contemporary life and Jesus’s birth, portraying the journey that the wise men took 2000 years ago, whilst drawing hilarious and poignant parallels with our own preparations for Christmas day.”

For more info see the Springs Dance Company website, download the flyer, email or call 07876 752910.

“Fantastic production, full of life, colour and emotion. A really powerful piece of modern theatre with so many layers to touch and challenge our souls. Thank you.” Rev Cameron Stirk, Emmanuel Methodist Church, Barnsley.

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