KYRA, launches a new Leadership Programme

November 17th, 2015

Midlands based Training Organisation, KYRA, launches a new Leadership Programme

The Faiths, like the Voluntary and Community Sector are increasingly recognised by Government and local Authorities as contributing in key ways to the wellbeing of our society. And, this is not just in terms of good works for youth and/or care of the elderly, but in taking on services that were formerly offered by the public sector. Many Churches and other Faith Communities rely on part-time and voluntary workers for the running and administration of their organisations; these often need training to reach the level of competence needed.

KYRA Education and Training was set up 2004 to offer high quality training in Leadership and Management for those taking on responsibility for the “new-look” voluntary and community sector. KYRA’s Directors believe that the high standards needed of leaders and managers in the private sector needs to be replicated in Faith organisations and the voluntary and community sector they are to thrive and survive.

Since 2006 KYRA has offered a Foundation Degree in Leadership aimed at regenerating the sector.

Now, KYRA is launching a new venture: a Certificate Programme in Leadership and Management with specialisms in the Voluntary and Community Sector and Faith organisations.

The KYRA Certificate programme will begin in February 2016, and will run on 3 Saturday’s per year in a central venue.

To find out more, contact the KYRA office:
01564 778 141
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