Loss organisation launches two events in Birmingham

November 1st, 2018

This coming Sunday, the 4th November, Soul Tears, a new Midlands based organisation will be launching the first of its ‘Soul Tears’ events in Birmingham. The service of remembrance, will be taking place at Birmingham City Church, and is a time for anyone who has suffered loss, whether recently or historically to join together and acknowledge and remember those people or things that have been lost.

The service, which will start at 4.30pm, is open to anyone regardless of faith or no faith, but is a Christian based service and will include music, poems, acts or remembrance and more.

It will then be followed by a second event at 7.00pm called ‘Beyond Tears’, which will feature Best Selling Author, Charity CEO, TV Host, Government Advisor and renowned grief expert Zoe Clark-Coates talking about loss, grief and the transformational power of hope. Zoe will be joined by top Midlands Singers/Songwriters Chris and Abby Eaton and other special guests for an evening exploring how grief can be transformed, and how pain can be turned into purpose.

Both events are free of charge to attend, and all are welcome.

More information can be found at www.soultears.org

Andy Clark-Coates, Founder of Soul Tears explains, “People suffer loss every day around the UK and globally, and for many people, their journey through grief can be a long and painful experience. The Soul Tears services are about people bringing their grief and pain, and acknowledging and remembering those people or things that have been lost.”

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