National Church Leaders urge us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come”

January 22nd, 2019

As the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity continues, the Presidents of Churches Together in England are encouraging us to unite in prayer, not just this week, but to get involved in Thy Kingdom Come in May and June.

Thy Kingdom Come, now in its 4th year, is a global ecumenical prayer movement praying for more people to become followers of Jesus Christ. So far it has united over a million Christians from more than 65 different denominations and traditions, in more than 114 countries to pray for evangelisation. It takes place between Ascension to Pentecost which this year is May 30th-June 9th.

Speaking about this week and also about May, the Presidents signed a joint letter urging us to ‘pray together for Christian unity, in our life together, our witness and our longing to see the Kingdom of God in the midst of our world’. They also pointed us to the unity Jesus prayed for in Gethsemane in John Chapter 17.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said:

“Unity in truth and faithfulness in witness are gifts to the Church from the heart of God. Each requires the other. Please join with us and other faithful servants of Christ in churches across England as we pray for the Holy Spirit to work in us to fulfil God’s purpose (Philippians 2.13).”

Speaking about Thy Kingdom Come, the Revd Michaela Youngson, President of Methodist Conference, said:

“Thy Kingdom Come is a fantastic example of Christian Churches working together, not for their own sake but for the sake of all God’s people. Prayer is at the heart of all we do, leading us to acts of love and care in response to the love of God that we see most clearly in Jesus Christ.”

Click to find out more on the Thy Kingdom Come website.

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