“Naturally Supernatural”: Volunteers needed for Soul Survivor Children’s Event

July 6th, 2018

A message from Soul Survivor:

Dear All

You may remember a request we sent out a few months ago, highlighting our need for volunteers to join our Kid’s programme at our Naturally Supernatural event this summer at Stafford Showground. Since that request, we’ve had loads of people come and join the team from all over the country and we’re really excited about what will happen at this year’s event.

The Kid’s Programme at the event has now been closed, as we needed to ensure that we could match the amount of volunteers we have with the amount of children. Children are now on a waiting list, and we want to try our best to allow these children to also attend the Kids programme too. We really hope that by reaching out again and advertising this need, we’ll be able to accommodate even more children!

The Kids sessions will be focused on learning about the Holy Spirit, reflecting the content of the main meeting sessions, so there will be times of worship, learning to listen to God for themselves and lots of biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit, as well as plenty of fun and games. We saw God do incredible things in the Kids venues last year, and we are expectant and excited to see more this year.

Naturally Supernatural runs for 6 days from Saturday 28th July to Thursday 2nd August at Stafford Showground. You can see more information about the event by visiting our website: www.naturallysupernatural.co.uk.

We’d love for you to communicate our message to those you know, those in your church, in your families, in your communities! We’d love to continue building our volunteer team and be able to accommodate more children.

By joining the team, volunteers would receive a full free pass to the event and be provided with three meals a day in our teams catering. If you know anyone who is interested, they can apply on our website.

Thank you for your support

The Soul Survivor Team

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