Out Now: Interfaith Book by Richard Tetlow

December 11th, 2018

“Perceptions of Christianity from People of Different Faiths” by Richard Tetlow, formerly a vicar in Ladywood and now a trustee of Progressive Christianity Network, is out now.

Birmingham is blessed with many faiths, religious and non-religious. What do we know about one another? Richard Tetlow’s new book is founded on the need of everyone to listen to the other person; in this book, to listen to the perceptions of Christianity from five people each of different religious faith, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism, and to the responses of five Christians.

“We are one another’s responsibility to God and for our fine city to learn about and respect one another. At heart, the Christian priority is expressed by Jesus quoting the Hebrew Bible: we are to love God and love our neighbours as ourselves.  Yet the experience of these five trusted colleagues, all from Birmingham and engaged in interfaith life, is significant. To different degree, they all respect and indeed love Jesus. They admire the community involvement of Christians. What they generally find disappointing is the assumed superiority and exclusiveness some Christians adopt, even unconsciously. Interfaith partnerships and good human relationships are natural ways forward. Suggestions about these and how and why we perceive are hall marks of this positive and progressive book made the more personal by the author’s own interfaith story.”

To find out more and buy the book, download the leaflet.

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