Passion Play 2020: 21 out of 100 Churches Signed Up, More Needed

September 16th, 2019

A Message from Rachael Orrell, CEO of Saltmine Trust

Thank you for all your support for The Birmingham Passion Play 2019.  As part of the seeking God and exploration process regarding a Birmingham Passion Play in 2020 we are wanting to recruit 100 churches to commit to £500 sponsorship.

We currently have 21 partner churches/organisations, and at this stage we just need an expression of support by the end of September 2019, in order for us to make a decision.

Can you be a partner and equip us to tell God’s story on the Birmingham City Streets at Easter 2020?   We would need the £500 donation in the Autumn/New Year prior to a Passion Play at Easter 2020.

To find out more email Rachael on or call 01384 454800.

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