Production for your Church for next Summer: Saltmine Theatre Company’s ‘Amazing Grace’

November 8th, 2018

News from Saltmine Theatre Company:

Press-ganged into the navy at nineteen, flogged for desertion miles away from the girl he loves, John Newton feels he has nothing to live for. Making his way into the harsh world of the eighteenth century transatlantic slave trade, he climbs up through the ranks to slave ship captain. He is a man without hope, making enemies of all he meets. Then one stormy night, with his ship going down, he faces certain death…and nothing is the same again. This is a powerfully moving story of slavery, freedom and the remarkable power of love and grace to transform a life.

“An influential story, beautifully dramatized, challenging the audience with the grace and love of God” (Network Norfolk review)

Saltmine Theatre Company’s ‘John Newton – Amazing Grace’ has already been performed in front of 12,000 people at churches and theatres around the UK, and is now available to book for Summer 2019 for churches in Birmingham and Solihull.

“We are truly grateful to the Saltmine Theatre Company for their stunning performance…..Gifted with incredible talents in storytelling, singing beautifully, this passionate company recounted Newton’s story ….. the church was transformed into a theatre in which we could easily imagine we were on board ship, then amongst slaves being sold, eavesdropping on conversations between characters as if they were alive and living today.  Moved with emotion as the ups and downs of John Newton’s life story unfolded before us, we were left with a clearer understanding of the poignancy of Newton’s life then and what it means to us now “

(Audience member, St Peter and St Paul Olney, where John Newton was a curate)

This celebration of the transformative power of Grace makes an ideal creative outreach event to invite non-Christian friends to.  Might churches in your area work together to book and promote this as an outreach performance?

  • Amazing Grace trailer available on this link
  • Production length is 2 hours including an interval
  • Show suitable for age 12 and above
  • Requirements – a performance space of as near to 6m wide by 6m deep by 5m high (stage floor to ceiling) as possible. The Saltmine team will tour with all technical equipment they need and a technician to set up and operate the show.
  • The team needs access for set up around six hours prior to the audience coming in. Pack down takes about an hour and a half.
  • Touring May – June 2019. Please contact me to discuss dates.
  • Suggested minimum donation: £1,300 + travel donation.

This books a team of six professionals, covers the use of Saltmine’s technical equipment, travel costs in two vans and publicity for your performance.  Bookers are welcome to set their own ticket prices to recoup costs.

Contact Joanna Bell, Creative Arts Coordinator, on 01384 454807 or on to find out more and book your date.

Click to find out more about Saltmine’s Birmingham Passion Play 2019.

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