Restore Helping ‘Lift the Ban’ on Work for Asylum Seekers

November 19th, 2018

Restore is a Birmingham based Refugee befriending charity and a project of Birmingham Churches Together. They invite you to join them in Campaigning for the Right to Work for People Seeking Asylum and sign a petition to the Home Office.

More than 80 charities, think tanks, faith groups, businesses and trade unions have launched the ‘Lift the Ban’ campaign calling on the Government to grant the right to work to people seeking asylum.

The campaign launched with a new report, outlining both moral and economic evidence for lifting the ban, arguing it would support integration, improve health and wellbeing and allow people to live in dignity and provide for themselves.

Alongside this, a new survey of those seeking asylum reveals that:

  • 94% of respondents would like to work if given permission to do so;
  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) were working before they came to the UK;
  • 74% had a secondary level education or higher, while 37% had an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Economically, the report suggests increased tax revenues and savings on asylum support payments could produce an economic gain for the Government worth tens of millions.

See the full report at the Lift the Ban website.

To sign a petition to the Home Secretary please click here.

Restore ask you to promote this campaign in your networks as you are moved.

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