Tell the Christmas Story

November 12th, 2019

November’s newsletter from Hope Together includes a number of resources for Christmas, including a 32 page magazine and other giveaways.

In the introduction, Roy Crown writes

Joy to the World!

Christmas is a wonderful time to share the joy of Jesus’ birth. Carol singing on the streets; visiting people home to home; holding events in schools, sports stadiums, pubs, community centres and churches, are all great ways to share the joy we find in Jesus. It’s the season when people are most likely to accept an invitation to church events. Let’s pray that we will rediscover the joy of the Lord for ourselves, and that it will overflow to others. Plan to make Jesus known as the reason for the season. Be prepared with something to say, something to give and an invitation to offer. Plan follow-up opportunities for guests in the New Year, and ask God to draw people to himself in this special season.

Roy Crowne
HOPE Together’s Executive Director

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