Think, Pray, Vote: Christians and the EU Elections

May 16th, 2019

This European election is unlike any other. The people elected may not ever take their seats and, if they do, they may not serve a full term. This election will take place in the midst of a national conversation which has often been polarising and confusing and has revealed many divides in our country.

While the European Parliament has real powers over a wide range of issues, in the UK these issues are incidental to the public debate. The main issue of this European Election is one which many people (but by no means all) view as already settled, and one over which the people standing for election will have little or no formal influence: Brexit. Some may choose not to vote, others will cast their vote in protest. Polarised feelings about Brexit and frustration with this election mean that the campaign, nationally and on the ground, may be unpleasant in tone.

At a time of heightened political feeling, we need a civilised and respectful debate. What is the role of Christians at such a time?

Click the link to download a briefing from the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) which outlines some of the political context in which the election is taking place, and invites you to consider what it means for you and how you might respond.

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