Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne in UK Tour seeking Urban Change Makers!

May 10th, 2018

Two of the key instigators of Red Letter Christianity, Dr Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne will speak in events on behalf of ‘Urban Change Makers’, a new emerging leaders programme that focuses on working class leadership development. The full tour includes churches, seminars, events and colleges in London, Luton, Manchester and Birmingham from 12th to 20th May, 2018.

A highlight will be Dr Campolo leading Urban Change Makers seminars with a focus on Christian activists, thinkers and leaders who care about God’s work in urban priority areas. Tim Evans, Co-ordinator of Urban Change Makers, said ‘We hope these gatherings will help bring people together to be inspired and informed to better see change from within their urban neighbourhoods.’

Ash Barker, Co-ordinator of Urban Change Makers said ‘We believe it’s time for an authentic movement of God from within our inner cities and outer urban estates. We see the sparks and want to fan this into flame through connecting, empowering and resourcing leaders in an emerging urban leaders’ programme, podcasts and events. We are so thrilled that long time friends and collaborators Tony and Shane are willing to stand with us in this venture.’

Dr Campolo is professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University and a former faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania. For 40 years, he led the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, an organisation he founded to create and support programmes serving needy communities. More recently, Dr. Campolo has provided leadership for the progressive Christian movement, Red Letter Christians, as well as for the Campolo Center for Ministry, a programme which provides support to those the church has called to full-time ministry. He has written more than 35 books and can be found blogging regularly on and

Urban Change Makers comes to Birmingham on 19th and 20th May. See the event page to find out more.

Tony and his wife Peggy live near Philadelphia and have two children and four grandchildren. In November 2012, Tony Campolo received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Youth Worker’s Convention. The wording on the award is: “Award of Lifetime Achievement is proudly presented to Tony Campolo who has defined and courageously pioneered what is means to encourage, care and lead students, possessing the qualities that inspire us and provoke us to continue the journey into the future with boldness and confidence. As a result of Tony’s life of ministry and leadership he has left a legacy of encouragement and hope to youth workers and students everywhere.

Urban Change Makers is a new emerging leaders programme that focuses on working class leadership development from within urban priority areas, seeking to build the capacity of urban leaders for compassion, resilience and innovation in their urban contexts.UCM is initiated by the Newbigin School for Urban Leadership and Worth Unlimited in conjunction with local hubs who nominate and send small teams of emerging leaders to the 10 month programme that includes week-end intensives, coaching, site visits and an investors panel.

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