Volunteer Request from Soul Survivor

December 20th, 2017

Soul Survivor is an organisation that runs events to help people deepen their relationship with Jesus and grow in the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit.

Last year we launched our first family conference ‘Naturally Supernatural’ and to our delight, we welcomed over 600 children to the event! Due to the high number of children, we also encountered difficulties in recruiting enough team members to facilitate so many.

This year, we want to ensure that we have enough team to be certain that every single child can engage well, be safely cared for and grow in their spiritual life.

In order to produce the best children’s work that we can, we’re asking churches and organisations to help us achieve this. Our aim is to reflect the content of the main meetings in an age appropriate way, so the kids sessions will be fun packed times as we play games, grow together and learn about God. We saw God do incredible things in the kids venues last year. We are expectant and excited to see more of that this year.

NSN runs from Saturday 28th July and Thursday 2nd August at Stafford Showground.

By joining the team, you’ll receive a free full pass to the event and provision of all meals, as well as having some time to attend some meetings, workshops, and to enjoy all the venues we have to offer too. We really hope to build a team of willing, enthusiastic and committed people to come and help us. It’s in the conversations with team leaders, and by the modelling by trusted adults that children really begin to understand and comprehend how God works in us and through us. The thought of the life-long impact of a child who learns these things at a young age is staggering. We would love to have you involved.

If you’d like more information about the Naturally Supernatural event, please take a look at our website.

If you have any questions, or are interested in getting involved, please contact hannah.maggs@soulsurvivor.com or teams@soulsurvivor.com

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