Will your Church be marking Homeless Sunday this October?

June 5th, 2019

The charity Housing Justice is urging churches to take part in this year’s Homeless Sunday on 13th October.

Homeless Sunday has been part of the Christian calendar for more than a quarter of a century. It is an opportunity for churches of all denominations and people of all faiths to unite and show solidarity with those experiencing homelessness and to reflect and plan practical action on homelessness. The focus this year is ‘The impact of volunteering on the volunteer’, apt as Christians and church communities are at the forefront of the response to the rise in homelessness including the most visible aspect, rough sleeping.

There were just 65 night shelters operating across the Housing Justice network in 2013; today there are 125 across England and Wales.

Last year, after feedback from the growing number of churches who host Night Shelter Projects, the event was switched to October. This coincides both with World Homeless Day and the season most shelter projects open, appropriately marking that period with prayer.

Updates about Homeless Sunday, and materials to support involvement, including activities for children, ideas for worship and for theological discussion will become available on the Housing Justice website.

The Lectionary for 13 October is Jeremiah 29 v1 and v 4-7, 2 Kings 5, 1-3 and 7-15, 2 Timothy Ch 2 v8-15, Luke 17 11-19, very relevant for Homeless Sunday.

Housing Justice is a Body in Association of Churches Together in England, BCT’s national body. The article above is adapted from CTE’s monthly e-newsletter.

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