The Faith Experiment

The ‘Faith in Science’ group is to relaunch ‘The Faith Experiment’ programme with a series of sessions to be held at Birmingham Science Museum’s thinktank on Wednesday 22 June.

‘The Faith Experiment’ is a programme comprising of seven interactive, family-friendly sessions examining perceived conflicts between established science and the Christian faith – and helping to reconcile the two. All the sessions are accessible to young people and adults of any ability, so that they can feel educated and prepared when engaging with questions on science and the Christian faith. The sessions are led by married couple Matt and Davinder, both of whom are scientists and Christians.

‘The Faith Experiment’ sessions revolve around the following topics:

  • Can science and God co-exist? Does it matter that the Bible largely lacks scientific detail? Can science answer all of the questions that matter to us?
  • What are the odds of you? Does life simply need the right conditions – or is there more to it?
  • Genesis – creation or just creative? Do we have to reject one of the scientific or biblical account? Can we reasonably interpret what these accounts say to find agreement?
  • The evolution question. Once we know what evolution is, can we accept it as the mechanism by which God created the species?
  • Would you trust a humpback whale? Are we just improved animals? Or is there something truly special about humans?
  • Who are you? Are we more than the sum of our parts?  Is the incredible human body a vehicle for something separate and eternal?
  • Can God break science? Could and would God cause a one-off exception to the laws He had written?

Thanks to a grant from the ECLAS ‘Scientist in Congregations’ initiative, all seven sessions will be run free-of-charge on Wednesday 22 June at the thinktank, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG. Registration and refreshments will be available from 9.00am. The sessions begin at 10.00am prompt and run until 5.00pm. ‘Scientists in Congregations’ and the ECLAS project are funded by a £3.4million grant from the Templeton Religion Trust. ECLAS is led from St John’s College, Durham University, in partnership with the University of York and the Church of England.

For more information, or to book your attendance, e-mail or phone 07521 952681 by 9.00am on Monday 13 June at the latest. There is a limited number of places, so early booking is recommended. Read more about The Faith Experiment via THIS LINK.

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