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About BCT

BCT celebrates the diversity of the Christian presence in Birmingham & Solihull. Open to the leading of Holy Spirit, BCT aims to increase unity and cooperation between churches in the following ways:

  • Growing in Christian Fellowship
  • Engaging in God’s mission
  • Interacting in public life

Full Membership is open to:

  1. Church that is a larger body than a single local congregation, for example, a Church of England Diocese or a Methodist District
  2. Association of churches bringing together into one body a number of local congregations who belong to a common Christian tradition, for example, a Baptist

Birmingham Council of Christian Churches first meeting was in June 1951 and formed a Charity in 1965. It changed its name to Birmingham Churches Together in 1996 to reflect a wider national churches together movement and to enable the Catholic Church to become full members.

For Links to Churches who are Full members: