Across Birmingham and Solihull there are numerous groups of local Churches and fellowships who meet and work together as local expressions of Christian unity.

Each group is autonomous and locally organised. Some hold regular meetings as a formal Churches Together group. Others relate informally as a local network.

Groups vary in size from between 4 and 12 Christian local places of worship. Across Birmingham and Solihull there are over 35 local groups.

Find out more by asking your church leader whether there is a group in your area.

01 April 2022

The Green Shoots of Ecumenism

I attended the recent Churches Together in England Forum, an opportunity for those from the 52 national member churches and…

24 March 2022

‘As One’

Martin Graham introduces the ‘As one’ initiative: ‘Few would disagree that we need more community kindness and solidarity, with local…


Statements concerning the conflict in Ukraine

The Churches Together in England Forum is the broadest gathering of churches and Christian organisations in England, bringing together 52…


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