New posters to highlight the status of places of worship

The West Midlands Combined Authority Faiths Round Table has identified that, while places of worship are closed for public worship, some buildings are being used by a small number of people for specific reasons such as live-streaming services, operating Foodbanks, or the preparation of hot food. The Round Table is keen to ensure that members of the public understand the reason why the building is open, in order to limit confusion and combat false rumours.

To achieve this aim, posters have been developed for use by places of worship across the West Midlands Combined Authority to convey a clear message to anyone concerned about what might be happening in the building, or seeking to find out if public worship is taking place.

One poster is for use in buildings in which some limited activity is taking place. A second poster is for use in buildings in which no activity is taking place. Both designs are available in colour and in black/white for ease of printing. Places of worship are asked to put in contact details in the box at the bottom of the poster.

COVID closed for worship poster2_Layout 1

COVID closed for worship poster BW2_Layout 1

Colour Closed But Key Work

B&W Closed But Key Work

Colour Closed But Here For You Arabic

Colour Closed But Here For You Polish

Colour Closed But Here For You Punjabi

Colour Closed But Here For You Urdu

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