Reconciliation Sunday, 13 June

A number of Birmingham’s senior Church leaders have agreed to designate Sunday 13 June 2021 as ‘Reconciliation Sunday’ in Birmingham. Reconciliation is a key element of Christian faith. Reconciliation restores people and things to the way they were meant to be. The anniversary of the death of George Floyd reminds us that much more needs to be done. Divisions, hurts and misunderstandings remain. Change has to start with the Church.

Reconciliation Sunday is part of a process to address the hurts. It issues a call to every Christian across the city to be a reconciler. Reconciliation starts in our homes, but spreads to our neighbours, workplaces, schools and communities. Reconciliation Sunday is a step on a bigger journey of reconciliation, repentance, healing and restoration. We want Birmingham to be a place where God’s people truly unite to serve each other and our diverse city.

Reconciliation Sunday is an initiative of the Time4Change movement that is currently engaging Churches and organisations across Birmingham. A key element of Time4Change is the charter that sets out its focus, intentions and commitments. The Time4Change leaders want every Christian to know and apply the Charter’s 15 statements (Link HERE).

A number of helpful resources for Reconciliation Sunday are available via THIS LINK. These include a reconciliation prayer, which it is hoped will be used by numerous congregations across the city on 13 June. Short videos can also be found on the resources page. Congregations are encouraged to distribute copies of the Time4Change charter on the day. Churches leaders and church members are invited to use their service on 13 June to declare their commitment to reconciliation.

The Time4Change website has some very basic points to enable leaders to talk about reconciliation, whether briefly or in the context of a sermon. There are ideas about how to trigger discussion and to listen generously to each other’s stories. The Time4Change team wants all Birmingham’s churches to make reconciliation an ongoing and central theme. Psalm 133 speaks of the blessing that comes when God’s people stand together in unity. The aim is to work together to see God’s blessing spread across the city. Visit the Time4Change website HERE. Sign the Time4Change anti-racism Charter HERE.

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