Talking about mental health

The strains of lockdown are being felt by many. There are a number of Mental Health charities and organisations offering support to those affected. Here are just three examples of where you or someone you know can find help.

In association with Ecclesiastical Insurance, Champion Health is offering a free online mental-health training session. Champion Health says, ‘This one-hour online mental health training has been developed by world-leading academics and GPs, to help you discover ways to look after your mental health and support others in need.’ Topics include spotting the signs of poor mental health and signposting for those who are struggling. Find out more at THIS ADDRESS.


Frank Cole, of the Sutton Coldfield-based Trauma Healing Institute, points to a range of resources, including ‘Beyond disaster,’ which is described as spiritual first-aid
for disaster survivors and first-responders. Having been used in disaster-hit areas around the world, the resources now seem applicable in the UK in our time of national crisis. Read more information about ‘Beyond disaster’ HERE and about the Trauma Healing Institute HERE. Contact Frank at this address


The Association of Christian Counsellors has set up a ‘COVID-19 Crisis Counselling Support Service’ to help people who are
experiencing difficult feelings, thoughts and circumstances because:

• They work within a NHS setting (medical and ancillary staff) and are being impacted by caring for people who have COVID-19
• They have been bereaved at this time, whether due to COVID-19 or another reason.

The service offers up to ten sessions of counselling on a no-fee basis, either on-line or by telephone. To find out more, visit ACC’s WEBSITE  or phone 02476 449694. Counsellors offering this service are all working in a voluntary capacity and according to professional standards, and codes of ethics and practice.

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