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Spiritual Accompaniment training course beginning September 2020

How Spiritual Direction is growing in Birmingham’s churches, and how you could be part of the journey. You might not hear much about it in the press, but the practice of Spiritual Direction is flourishing, both nationally and across Birmingham. Sometimes called Accompaniment or Companioning, it involves individuals being paired with a director or guide … Read more

Offering local support

Thrive Together Birmingham and Birmingham Churches Together are looking to support churches and community run projects and initiatives during these challanging times. In this update Thrive Together Birmingham have compiled some useful information on the different support networks emerging in Birmingham. Birmingham City council has joined forces with BVSC to create the C19 Support Brum … Read more


As our nation faces the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus pandemic, Churches Together in England (CTE) is encouraging Christians across our nations to continue uniting in prayer, praying #PrayersOfHope in their homes at 7.00 pm each Sunday evening. Following the overwhelming response which the National Call to Prayer and Action received on Mothering Sunday, CTE … Read more

A Statement by the Birmingham Faith Leaders’ Group in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current Coronavirus Pandemic has correctly been described as the greatest challenge of this generation. We recognise that the rapid spread of the virus throughout the world is unprecedented in modern times. It speaks of profound realities about both the limitations of human understanding and capabilities and our capacity to work together for the good … Read more

Can you help? Food banks in central and east Birmingham need volunteers

The Impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) means that Places of Welcome, Stay and Play Groups, Safe Spaces for Young People and so many other projects, initiatives and churches are having to think differently about how we do connection, relationship and support. There are some really creative responses both in local neighbourhoods and across the city already … Read more

Churches working together provide glimmer of hope

Bishop Mike Royal, Co Chief Executive of Cinnamon Network UK and part of CTE’s Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders Forum, shares our Reflection of the Month for March 2020…  A recent newspaper article in The Guardian, under the heading ‘Life Expectancy’, highlighted the fact that over the last decade austerity has caused life expectancy to stall … Read more