Mediation and Collaboration

ChaplaincyPlus Lunchtime Meditation Session

About this event

To collaborate we need to be present, not mentally elsewhere. We need to see, hear and listen to others, not be trapped in our own internal chatter.

In this highly practical, experiential session, Chris will explain how a simple meditation practice can help us:

  • quickly clear a space in which we can see, hear and be fully present for the work of co-creating the future;
  • learn to be a conscious, skilful witness of our emotions and reactive thoughts, rather than their unconscious victim; and
  • recognise and manage the patterns of behaviour that lead us into rivalry and conflict and create the opportunity for collaboration and friendship.

“Meditation reframes our relationships and progressively illuminates and informs how we inhabit them.”



HYBRID: The event will be a hybrid event.

  • We are glad to be able to offer in person events again in the Birmingham business community and we are extremely grateful to Shakespeare Martineau for hosting this event.
  • For anyone who wishes to join on Zoom, you are welcome to participate that way: the Zoom room will be open from 1pm for conversation and connection and the Meditation session will start at 1:15pm.

DONATIONS: There will be no charge for the event. However, ChaplaincyPlus relies on donations to deliver our vision to help people encounter the depth dimension of faith and life, so we are giving those who chose to do so the opportunity to support ChaplaincyPlus with a donation (of anything between £5 and £15), when booking a place for this event, to enable our work to remain open to all.

INCLUSIVE: This lunchtime Meditation Session will be accessible to Christians of all denominations and to people of all faiths and none.


ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Chris Whittington was introduced to meditation in the Christian tradition at 19 during a period of formation at a Benedictine monastery. He is the founder of the School of Contemplative Life, gives talks and leads retreats across the UK, and is also Head of Education Law at Anthony Collins Solicitors.