Restore campaign for increase in Asylum Support Payments

‘Restore,’ a project of Birmingham Churches Together, aims to welcome, include and assist the integration of refugees and those seeking sanctuary from persecution. Restore works to achieve this through, befriending, social activities, equipping refugees for work, advocacy and awareness-raising. The Restore staff team (Jeremy, Rachel, Andy and Geraldine) is celebrating that, since the launch of … Read more

‘Love never fails’

The annual Christian Aid Week starts on Sunday (10 May). For decades, Christian Aid has relied on the generous donations of the general public to fund its overseas aid-and-development programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and addressing crisis situations. Last year, around 57,000 volunteers engaged in door-to-door collections during Christian Aid Week, raising a total in … Read more

United World Week 1 – 7 May “In time for peace”

The worldwide, ecumenical Focolare movement is celebrating its annual United World Week from 1 – 7 May, with the 2020 theme, ‘In Time for Peace.’ A global Focolare video conference was held on Saturday, 2 May, and many more online regional events continue through the week. The Focolare movement, which originated in Italy in 1943, is … Read more

VE Day Picnic for Hope

Cathedral communities are picnicking for hope on VE Day (Friday 8 May) in order to raise funds for those in need and to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad who sacrificed so much to bring peace to Europe 75 years ago. Birmingham Cathedral is among more than 20 Church of England … Read more